Web Design

For most businesses, a website is a great piece of marketing material to generate more calls, leads, referrals, and new customers

A performing website literally acts as a virtual sales rep: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


If your website is outdated, doesn’t convert visitors into leads, or simply isn’t up to your satisfaction, you need professional website design services.

OneStop is a web design company with an in-house team of digital designers specializing in designing and building responsive websites that look beautiful across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

⚡ Does your website transform casual browsers into eager customers ready to ‘vote with their wallets’?
… Websites we design for our clients do. 👇 Keep Reading👇

🎯 “Our business has grown after our website redesign without doing anything extra. We’re spending the same amount of money on advertising. The difference to me now is clear. Having a website designed not just for aesthetics but optimized for conversions is the secret sauce. I would advise anyone getting a brand new website or considering a redesign to work with a web designer that focuses on conversions and not just ‘curb appeal’.”
Chad Emerick, Accessorize My Life

Twenty years ago having a website was mainly for added credibility.

Over the years the main goal of a website has evolved from;

Credibility ==> Credibility & Informational

Credibility & Informational ==> Credibility, Informational & Search Engine Optimized

Credibility, Informational & Search Engine Optimized ==> Credibility, Informational, Search Engine & Mobile Optimized

Today, a successful website needs to address all of these…

Credibility, Informational, Search Engine & Mobile Optimized as well as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Your website should no longer be viewed as an expense.

It should be seen as your most loyal employee… One who never takes a sick day or needs a vacation.

When your website is designed with CRO in mind it’ll convert ‘looky-loos’ into paying customers at 2am while you’re fast asleep or binge watching your latest Netflix series. .

Hi my name is Kevin Alexander and I’m the Founder of One Stop Web Designs.

One Stop Web Designs aims to provide exactly what the name implies.

We are a one stop shop for all things website related. We break this down into two sections: 1) GET IN THE GAME 2) GROW YOUR BUSINESS

We work with solopreneurs, small & medium sized businesses as well as massive Fortune 500 type companies.

1) GET IN THE GAME Services we offer: Logo Design, Graphic Design, Website Development

2) GROW YOUR BUSINESS Services we offer: Online Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Social Media Management

My team consist illustrators, graphic designers, website developers, writers, digital advertising specialists etc.

Custom logo, Informational websites, eCommerce websites, Branding packages etc

We develop on WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, Clickfunnels and SquareSpace.

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