Truck Financing

Case Study


Truck Financing


Lead volume up by 1000%. CPL down by 85%.


Company Goals

After spending $17.4k over the course of a year in Google Ads, this truck financing company understood that PPC could help to grow their business, but their agency sensed that another PPC manager might get them better results.

The month before we took over the account, this truck company received 3 leads with a CPL of $557.57. Not only did the agency want to increase lead volume while simultaneously lowering CPL; they also wanted to get higher-quality leads, as many of the leads throughout the year had not turned into paying customers.


After auditing this account, we were confident that we could improve on the results. The previous manager had wasted a lot of ad spend by running ineffective Display Campaigns, targeting competitor KWs, running too many non-finance KWs, and signaling less than 100 negative KWs.

In addition, the ad copy didn’t take full-advantage of all the space that Google allows, as many of the ads only had one headline and one description, as opposed to three headlines and two descriptions.

This meant that we had an extra 150 characters to work with in order to market to potential customers. Needless to say, we were super pumped to take advantage of all these opportunities for improvement.

Launch & Optimization

Because we had a year’s worth of data to look at in this account, the build-process ran very smoothly, and we didn’t have to do a ton of guesswork—we were confident in our keywords, our geotargeting, our ad copy, and our negative KWs.

While we knew that the account would run well straight out of the gate, the initial results were even better than we’d expected: during our first full month of management, we got 33 conversions with an average CPL of $81.46. Needless to say, the agency was very pleased with these results. In comparison with the previous month, we had boosted lead volume by 1000% and decreased the CPL by over 85%.


Once the truck financing company saw this huge increase in ROI, they were willing to increase their budget by 40% for the following month, and they plan to continue increasing the budget in the months to come.

Sometimes there are multiple factors that play into a success story, but sometimes the success of an account can be summarized in the numbers alone. In the case of this finance company, they were more than happy to continue working with this agency and increasing their ad spend once they saw a massive improvement in lead volume, lead quality, ROI, and revenue.