Tree Removal

Case Study


Tree Removal


Significant increase in new business


Company Goals

Starting out, the primary goal for this tree company was to acquire more local leads for the company’s four primary services: tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, and arboriculture.


This company had been using Google Ads for about a year when they handed the account over to us. Over the course of that year, they had spent $21,183.04 for 124 conversions, which amounts to $152.72 per lead.

The company was understandably unhappy with these results: they wanted to substantially increase the volume of leads and cut down the cost-per-lead to $30.

Launch & Optimization

We love data, so we were super pumped to get our hands on this tree company’s account and start sifting through all the data they’d accumulated over the past year.

After analyzing this data and conducting our own keyword research, we were able to build a brand-new campaign with high-quality keywords, a thorough negative keyword list, granular geotargeting, optimized bids, and ad copy that both highlighted the company’s services and aligned itself with the company’s overall persona and messaging.

During the first couple months of the new campaign, we were able to achieve a steady stream of leads at $48.38 per lead (already much better than the $152.72 CPL that was present when we inherited the account) but we still weren’t satisfied with the volume of leads and knew that we could continue to bump down the CPL through optimization.

More importantly, we had gathered enough data on our original campaigns to know what was working well and where we could improve. After implementing a new search campaign, running a new set of ads, and conducting our standard optimizations, we were able to triple the amount of leads we were receiving while simultaneously bumping the CPL down to $31.05. The following month we saw a further increase in lead volume and were able to achieve an incredible $14.77 CPL.


After only a few months of managing this tree company’s PPC account, they were generating so much new business that they were able to take this added revenue and expand their services into the mulch industry.

As a result, we received high-praise from the owner of the tree company, who told us that their unique marketing approach was a refreshing break from the cookie-cutter service that he had received from other agencies; he also expressed gratitude that we had taken his company in the exact direction he had wanted by generating more leads and increasing revenue as a result.