Law Firm

Case Study




188% increase in lead volume


Company Goals

This law firm approached us with a Google Ads account that had been active for a year but wasn’t getting the kind of results that the law firm would like.

The month before we started managing this account, the law firm received 8 leads with an average CPL of $439.86. The goal then was pretty simple: increase lead volume while simultaneously lowering the average CPL to $225.


Our extensive experience in legal marketing ensures that every legal build runs smoothly, and this legal account was no different. Not only were we able to draw from the experience we have in this industry, but we were also able to take advantage of the year’s worth of data that was already in this account.

The search history in this account allowed us to put together a strong list of initial KWs, as well as a list of over 1300 negatives to ward off unqualified leads. We were also able to improve the ad copy by adding a 3rd Headline and a 2nd Description. This addition alone gave us an extra 120 extra characters, which we used to highlight the law firm’s outstanding track record and emphasize their USP.

Launch & Optimization

During the first week of actively managing this account, the CPL dropped 45% to $240.27, and after another week of optimizations, we were able to get the CPL beneath the target CPL of $225 (the account is currently bringing in leads at a CPL of $116.95, which is great for legal firms, given the high Cost-Per-Clicks in this vertical).

As the chart above also illustrates, we were able to drastically increase the amount of leads that this law firm was receiving. Compared to the 30 day period before we started management, the first 30 days of our management saw a 188% increase in lead volume.


Our mission is to provide clients the opportunity to grow with peace of mind. The first step in that process is making sure that clients are happy with the results that are coming in from the money that they’re spending on digital marketing.

In the case of this law firm, the client was very satisfied with the huge improvement they saw in lead volume, lead quality, and CPL, and as a result they’ve been more than happy to stick with digital marketing. As this example shows, steady PPC results can go a long way in helping clients to continue growing their business with peace of mind.