Furniture Retailer

Case Study


Furniture Retailer


Conversions went from 2 to 70 & the average CPL dropped from $832.05 to $22.65.


Company Goals

When the agency came to us with this furniture store’s account, they’d already been running Google Ads for a year. Over the course of that year, they had built 5 separate campaigns, but none of these campaigns had garnered the results they had wanted.

The month before we started managing the account, the campaigns had only generated 2 Leads with an average Cost Per Lead at $832.05. This low lead volume and high CPL had encouraged the agency to reach out to us, and after an audit of the account, we were confident that we could bump down the CPL and boost the number of leads.


One of the first things we noticed during our audit was that the company was getting a lot of traffic from people searching for clothing fabric. This was due to search terms like “Designer Fabrics” which were not specific enough to target users who were interested in the types of fabric that this furniture company sells.

Another reason that this account was hemorrhaging money on unqualified clicks was because there were only 15 Negative Keywords in the entire account. Thus, our major initiative in rebuilding this account was to compile a list of specific long-tail KWs that captured the products and services that this company offers; we also focused on excluding unqualified traffic with a thorough list of negative KWs. Since the agency had created some great content for the client’s website, we were easily able to pinpoint which terminology would be best suited for targeting potential customers.

After running some volume estimates, we came up with a list of 38 KWs that we were confident would drive qualified traffic to the website. In addition, we came up with several hundred negative KWs and wrote some ad copy that highlighted the client’s years of experience and expertise.

Launch & Optimization

As the chart above illustrates, we saw a steady drop in CPL and a steady rise in lead volume once we launched the new campaigns at the end of November. Moving forward, these trends have continued over the course of several months.

During the month of March, we achieved 70 Conversions with an average CPL of $22.65, which marked a huge improvement over the 2 conversions that the account received at an average CPL of $832.05 during the month before Oxbird’s management.


Needless to say, both the client and the agency were super pumped to see a high volume of qualified leads rolling in at such a steady and affordable rate. In fact, the account was such a success that the agency decided to put together their own case study which details how the company’s “phone started ringing a LOT more” and how “they’re getting more and more business all the time” due to the agency’s advertising initiatives.

Our goal at One Stop Web Stuff is do everything we can to help agencies grow, and when one of our partners is able to put together such an awesome case study for an account that we’ve managed, we know that we’ve done our job well.